Fire Insurance

Fire and Allied Perils Insurance

The subject matter of fire insurance may be any kind of movable or immovable property having pecuniary value, some of the examples are building, plant, machinery, furniture, fixtures and fittings, household articles, stocks and merchandise etc.

Fire policy can be extended to cover the following additional risks:

1. Earthquake (Fire and Shock)

2. Storm, Tempest, Flood and Inundation

3. Aircraft Damage or articles dropped there from

4. Explosion

5. Land slide

6. Riot Strike damage

7. Malicious damage

8. Sabotage & Terrorism

9. Impact Damage


S.N. Title Explanation  
1 Insured Property Building or its contents and other related properties  
2 Location Village/Tole, Ward No., District, Zone, Plot (Kitta) No., House No.,  
    Detail of Four-sides (Char Killa) of Property etc.  
3 Occupancy of Residental, Shop, Factory, Warehouse etc.  
4 Sum Insured Valuation of owner Valuation of market
    Valuation of assessor Valuation of loan amount
5 Discount on Corporate/Agency  
  Premium Use of Fire Fighting Appliances  
6 Additional Risk Riot Strike Damage (RSD), Terrorism, Malicious Damage  
7 Others Storey, Construction, Owner, Sum Insured, Period of Insurance,  
    Risk Coverage, Discount, Excess, Signature, KYC etc.  


Started from 1st December 1993


Household Effects Insurance

Under this insurance UICL will indemnity the insured against loss of or damage to the private dwelling house and its contents therein by any of the following perils without an extra premium. The main objective of this insurance is to protect the material interest of the service - holders on their residential buildings of RCC/RBC construction and the household there in up to the sum insured of Rs. 40, 00,000.00 against the risks mentioned below:

1. Fire, lightning, Explosion of Domestic Appliances, Earthquake

2. Storm, Flood

3. Subsidence and Landslide

4. Riot Strike Damage

5. Malicious Damage & Terrorism

6. Aircraft Damage or articles dropped there from

7. Burglary and Housebreaking

8. Impact by vehicle or Animal


Started from 1st December 1993

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