Marine Cargo Insurance

UICL provides Marine Cargo Insurance for overseas & in land transit of goods whilst in transit by Ship, Air, Rail or Road.  This insurance can also be extended to cover all risks of malicious act as per the institute cargo clauses. 

  • Marine Cargo
  • Inland Transit
  • Overseas Transit
  • Air
S.No. Title Explanation    
1 Name Name of Consigner & Address    
    Name of Consignee & Address    
2 Detail of Goods Nature of goods Quantity Packing
    Invoice value/no/date Currency Sum Insured
    Voyage Risk coverage  
    Date of departure Mode of transportation  
    L/C no/date Excess  
3 Discount on Corporate/Agency Air Transit Bulk Sum Insured
  Premium Distance of Land Transit Container Carrying  
4 Sum Insured Invoice value    
    Additional/Tolerance Limit: 5% to 10% of IV + (as mentioned in L/C)    
    Incidental Cost: 10% to 25% of IV= freight charge, insurance charge,    
    anticipated profit etc. (as required by the customer's need)    
5 Additional Risks Minimum Risk   Basic Risk
    Water Damage & Others   All Risk
    Theft, Pilferage & Non-delivery (TPND)   War
    Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion (SRCC)    
6 Others Signature, KYC, etc.    

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Started from 1st December 1993

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