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Mirco Finance Institutions  have been focusing on providing savings and credit services only. However, a growing number of Mirco Finance Institutions practitioners have recognized that providing credit is not enough for the sustainable development of the poor.

A heartfelt requirement for other financial activities like insurance and allied services alongside savings and credit services have been noticed.

Formal insurance services are not accessible to the poor because of high premiums and complicated procedures.

The poor in Nepal like any other less-developed countries are vulnerable to different types of risks and adopt various strategies to reduce the impact of the loss. Insurance services are very essential for the low-income households to cope with uncertainties and emergencies like illness or injury, death, natural disasters, theft and life cycle needs.

Micro-insurance helps the poor combat the vulnerability caused by exposure to such unacceptable risks. By pooling into a risk fund to mitigate stipulated perils like illness, loss of assets, death and widowhood, the poor can protect themselves from unexpected loss. Thus, Insurance of lives and livelihoods is important for the risk-prone economic life of the poor.

UIC provides Microinsurance under following categories:
- Birds
- Cattle
- Crop
- Fish
- Fruits
- Tarkari Bari
- Potato
- Mushroom
- Honey Bee
- Ostrich
- Micro Household
- Micro Health
- Micro Personal Accident


Started from 20th May 2014

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