Motor Insurance

UICL provides two types of policies in this insurance:

1. (i)     Comprehensive - includes any loss or damage to the vehicle by: -

(a) Accidental external means

(b) Fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning, burglary, house- breaking or theft.

(c) Malicious act

(d) Whilst in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator, and;

(ii)    The insured's liabilities to third party both in respect of bodily injury and properties of the third party.

2.         Third party liability restricted to the liability described in (ii) above and not the insured's vehicle, the policy can be extended to cover the following perils on payment of additional premium: Flood, Earthquake, Strike, Riot Damage etc.

-Private Vehicle
-Commercial Vehicle

S.No. Title Explanation
1 Vehicle Type Motorcycle, Private, Commercial and others
2 Detail of Vehicle Detail of vehicles: CC/ Horse Power / Ton, Chasis No., Engine No.,
    Model, Make of Year, Seats, Registration No
3 Period of Time limit for Insurance
4 Sum Insured Dealer's Market Price (in case of new)
    Depreciated value as per instruction of Insurance Board (in case of old)
5 Discount on Corporate
  Premium EOD = Excess Own Damage
    No Claim Discount from the second year
    Own Goods Carrying in commercial vehicle
6 Additional Risks Riot strike damage, Malicious damage, terrorism, driver risk,
    passenger risk, etc.
7 Others KYC, Signature, etc.

Started from 1st December 1993 

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