Right To Information of United Insurance


Notice about 26th AGM
Right To Information of United Insurance
UIC First Quaterly Report 77/78
UIC Fourth Quaterly Report 76/77
Right To Information of United Insurance
UIC Right To Information
Agent Training Notice
Notice for Suchi Darta 2077/78
UIC Third Quaterly Report 76/77
Notice for Insurance at UIC
Agent Training Re-scheduling Notice
Agent Training Notice
UIC Second Quaterly Report 76/77
UIC Bid Open Notice
UIC Right Share Promoter Re-Auction Followup Notice
UIC Share Allotment and Refund Notice
UIC Promoter Share Tender Notice
UIC Bid Open Notice
Notice About Auction
Notice Regarding Right to Information
UIC First Quaterly Report 76/77
Notice about 25th AGM
Right Share Issue Closing soon
Right Share Issue Date Extended
Right share Prospectus
Right share issue Form
United Insurance Followup Notice
Right share issue open
United Insurance Followup Announcement
United Insurance Announcement
Book Closure Notice of UIC
Notice for Suchi Darta 2076/77
Registrar to the Share
Special AGM 2nd Notice publish in Aarthik Abhiyan National Daily Newspaper on 9th Falgun
Special AGM Notice publish in Aarthik Abhiyan National Daily Newspaper on 1st Falgun
Notice about Agent Training
Notice about Actuary Valuator
Notice for Insurance Surveyors Listing
Notice for sealed Quotation 2075/76
Notice for Suchi Darta 2075/76
Press Release Regarding 24th AGM Notice
2nd Time Notice about 24th AGM
Notice about 24th AGM
Notice about adviser for NFRS
Notice about Agent Training Schedule
Agent Training For 2074 - Chaitra 22 - 24
Press Release Regarding 23rd AGM Notice
23rd AGM Notice
Notice For Election Schedule
Notice for sealed Quotation for Uniform
Notice for 23rd AGM (Published on December 19th 2017 - 04 Poush 2074 in Abhiyan Daily)
Blood Donation Programs on the occasion of 25th Anniversary
Agent Training For 2074 - Mangsir 7 - 11
Agent Traning for 2074/75
Underwriting In-House Training Program 13th & 14th Bhadra 2074.
Schedule of Training/ Workshop Program 2074- 75
Notice about Terai Flood on 2074/04/27 - 28
Notice for Suchi Darta (Published in Karobar Daily - 30th June 2017, Asar 16 2074)
Notice for Sale of used Funitures and Computers at our Naxal Store.
Notice about Bonus Share and Share Ceritficates (Published in Arthik Abhiyan on 24 March 2017 , Chaitra 11, 2073)
Notice About Training - Agents (Published in Arthik Abhiyan on 21 March 2017 , Chaitra 8, 2073)
Notice for Rajendra Gauli of Jhapa, Shantinagar (Published in Karobar Daily, on Jan 15, 2017, Magh 2, 2073)
Notice for Share holders - (Dec 6, 2016)
Notice for Secretary Vacancy (Published on July 13th 2016 – 29 Asadh 2073 in Himalayan Times)
Notice for Listed (Published on July 11th 2016 – 27 Asadh 2073 in Abhiyan Daily).
Notice for Connectivity (Published on July 11th 2016 – 27 Asadh 2073 in Abhiyan Daily)
Notice for 22nd AGM (Published on June 9th 2016 - 27 Jestha 2073 in Abhiyan Daily)
United Insurance has successfully entered into the 23rd year of its service
Notice for Shareholders about 20th and 21st AGM

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